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Terms of Use

The Michoacan Institute of the Artisan

By accessing and using this website, whose domain name is www.artesanias-michoacan.com and belongs to the Michoacan Institute of the Artisan (IAM, by its acronym in Spanish) in Fray Juan de San Miguel 219, Plaza Valladolid, Centro Histórico, C.P. 58000, Morelia, Michoacán, the user accepts the Terms and Conditions of Use of this agreement and expressly states the acceptance by using electronic media, according to the terms referred in the article 1804 of the Código Civil Federal (Federal Civil Code).

If you do not completely accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, the user must refrain use, access and surf the website www.artesanias-michoacan.com.

If the user accepts, the employment of the website www.artesanias-michocan.com will be considered as an absolute and stated acceptance of the Term and Conditions of Use here stipulated.

Any change to our current Terms and Conditions will me made when the owner, the IAM, considers it best. The user is responsible of being aware of the modifications. At the end of this text you can check the last date of update.



  1. By this agreement, the IAM provides and concedes the user the non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable right to use and surf the website artesanias-michoacan.com per the Terms and Conditions of Use here stipulated. For the purposes of this agreement, the parts agree that “user” is any person that access the website www.artesanias-michoacan.com and/or any of its sub-sites that display its content, and/or any person that sings up and/or use any of the services offered by this website.
  2. The IAM has all the rights of content, design and source code of this website, specially, but not limited, the pictures, images, texts, logos, designs, brands, commercial names and information included in the web.
    The user must be aware that those rights are under the protection of the current legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property.
    The partial or complete reproduction of this website or any of its content is strictly forbidden without the stated written permission of the IAM.
    Copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication, use of the web contents or any other action that implies a violation of the national norm of intellectual and/or industrial property are forbidden unless you have the written permission of the IAM.
    The IAM informs that it does not give any implicit authorization about the use of the intellectual and/or industrial property or any right related, directly or not, to the web contents.
    The IAM only allows the use of the web contents for informative and service purposes if the source is clearly stated. The user is the only responsible of any bad use of the contents.
  3. The IAM states that the net content of the products published in Sale Offer corresponds to the quality, brand and other elements stated in Sale Offer.
  4. The IAM informs the user that the number of available items is constantly updated by the information our warehouse and distributors provide. Artesanias-michoacan.com’s website will not intentionally sell any item that the website does not have or the provider have reserved.
  5. All the items prices include IVA and other taxes that may apply. However, the price does not include shipping costs outside of Mexico, those will be noted apart and the user shall accept them then. Shipping costs in Mexico are free.
  6. The user agrees to pay the cost specified in his order. The initial price shown in artesanias-michoacan.com in each product will increase for the respective shipment fees if the user is not in Mexico. In any case, the total cost will be stated before the user completes the purchase.
  7. Shipment costs. The term “shipment costs” includes all the costs associated to the logistic process: handling, logistic, postage, packaging and delivery to the spot indicated by the customer.
    Shipment costs of each product depends on the product’s category as well as its physical characteristics (the bigger and heavier, the higher the price will be). You can check the fees in the website of our provider of this service, FedEx in www.fedex.com/mx.
  8. Time of delivery. The products will be delivered not longer than 10 days, although the days vary from 2 to 4 work days depending on the destination. The day count will start the next work day after the purchase, weekends and holiday days do not apply. The conditions of packages not delivered or loss items will be those of the shipment company.
    In case of late deliveries of the imputable products of the IAM, the user can cancel his/her order via telephone to (443) 12-12-48. Cases in which the order was provided by the user through the shipping company or the product could not be delivered because of the user, are not considered late deliveries.
  9. The user must check the good state of the package to the delivery person that, by instruct of the IAM, makes the delivery. You must indicate any anomaly that you can detect in the package. Once you check the product, if you see any incident such as hits, break or hints that indicate that the product may be opened or may suffered damage during the delivery, you must take pictures of the product, the box and the package materials, and communicate to the IAM via email the next 48 hours after the delivery day. After those 48 hours, any accidents of this kind will not be attended.
  10. Returns. If you are not satisfied by your purchase, you can return your product and you will receive your money, except the shipping costs, only under some conditions. For more information, check artesanias-michoacan.com
  11. Refunds to the client. In case the delivered item might by defective or incorrect or that you provide proof of the item(s) were packaged wrong, the IAM will refund the respective shipping costs.
    The IAM will manage the return order with the same payment method of the user, in a time frame of three days after the confirmation of delivery in the warehouse of the returned item. In this case, contact us via email gestion@artesanias-michoacan.com
  12. The delivery insurance is provided by FedEx in an arrange agreement achieved by both companies. The conditions of the compensation are described in http://www.fedex.com/mx
  13. Pick up in Morelia. It is not possible to pick up your orders in Morelia because the items that on sale in the web store www.artesanias-michoacan.com are not the same that you can find in our retail stores.
  14. Post boxes. Shipment cannot be provided to post boxes.


Our responsibility

The IAM does not assume responsibilities derivative from:

  • Of the use people might make of the web contents or the contents of links published in the website, be it forbidden or allowed, and the violation of intellectual/industrial property rights of the web contents or the contents of third parties.
  • Of the eventual damages or harms to users caused by the normal or abnormal function of the search engines, organization or location of the contents and/or access to the web and, in general, mistakes or problems generated in the development or technique instrumentation that the web or a software provide the user.
  • Of the contents of those websites the user can access from our own website, authorized or not.
  • Of minors accessing the web contents, that being responsibility of parents or tutors, that shall wield control of the activities their children do, or install a tool of parental control of internet to avoid (i) access to materials or contents not suited for minors, as well as (ii) sending personal data without the permission of parents or tutors.

The IAM will not be responsible in any case if:

  • Mistakes or delays in the access of the website when the user introduces their data to log in, the delay or impossibility of reception of any action or any anomaly that may occur when these accidents are caused by the internet network, fortuitous causes or any other contingency unforeseeable, foreign to the IAM’s good will.
  • Mistakes and errors that may occur in the communications, erased or incomplete transmissions, so there is no guarantee that the web services constantly operative.
  • Mistakes or damage caused to the website for the inefficient use of the service or by bad will of the user.
  • The bad operation or problems in the email address provided by the user in the order confirmation.

In all cases, the IAM commits to solve problems that may surface and to offer all the necessary support to arrive to a quick and satisfactory solution of the problem.

Likewise, the IAM has the right to make temporary and periodic promotional campaigns to promote new users to sign up. The IAM reserves the right to modify the conditions of application of the promotions, delaying them and communicating the changes, or proceed to the exclusion of any of the participants of the promotion in the case of any anomaly, abuse or non-ethical behave of the participants.


Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This agreement will be tied and interpreted per the laws and the courts of Mexico.


Contact information

We are in Fray Juan de San Miguel 129, Plaza Valladolid,

Centro Histórico,

C.P. 58000

Morelia, Michoacán.

Teléfono: 443 312 2486


Contact policy


Per the Federal Law of Personal Data Protection in Possession of Parties, we inform you that the IAM, a decentralized public organization, is located in Fray Juan de San Miguel 129, Plaza Valladolid, Centro Histórico, 58000 Morelia, Michoacán. The “user” can contact the IAM at any moment via email to info@artesanias-michoacan.com or directly in the offices located in Fray Juan de San Miguel 129, Plaza Valladolid, Centro Histórico, 58000 Morelia, Michoacán.

We protect and secure your personal fata to avoid damage, harm, destruction, robbery, loss, modification or non-authorized use of your personal data.


Personal Data

The information provided shall be complete and true. Remember that you will be the one who will answer at every time for the provided information, and in no case the IAM will be responsible of the veracity of the data.

The information will be requested in the website www.artesanias-michoacan.com through our pay provider, PayPal and/or via email.

The personal data you provide will be treated by lawfulness, consent, information, quality, loyalty, proportion and responsibility principles regarding the Legislación Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (LFPDPPP, Federal Legislation Law of Personal Data Protection in Possession of Third Parties), of July 5 2010.

We will secure the confidentiality of the personal data by keeping and establishing effectively secure technique, physical and administrative methods to avoid damage, loss, modification, destruction, use, access or forbidden release.

Please update your data every time they suffer any change so we can provide a costumed and efficient service.


Use of the information

The requested information allows the IAM to:

  • Contact the artisans so they can produce more items like the ones offered in this website.
  • Attempt to provide an efficient service.
  • Ask your opinion for our own market studies.
  • Inform you of new products or services that may interest you
  • Fulfill the obligations contracted with you.
  • Inform you of changes in our products and services.

The personal or company data provided by you will be part of a file of your profile. You can edit your profile at any moment by accessing with your username and password.


Limits of use and release of the information

In our notification program of promotions, offers and services via email, only the IAM will have access to the information you provided. This kind of merchandising is made through ads and promotional messages send via email, that will only be sent with that purpose.

If you wish to modify this option, you can send us an email to info@artesanias-michoacan.com to make the correspondent changes.

ARCO (access, rectification, cancelation and opposition) rights.

If you want to exert you ARCO (access, rectification, cancelation and opposition) rights, or revoke your consent of the use of your personal data, you can send directly your request to the area of Client Service Attention via email: info@artesanias-michoacan.com.

That request should contain at least:

  1. Name and address or any other medium to contact you;
  2. Documents that verify the identity or, if it is the case, legal representation;
  3. A clear and detailed description of which personal data you wish to exercise your ARCO rights;
  4. The stated declaration to revoke your consent of the use of your personal data so they are not used;
  5. Any other element that helps to locate personal data.

We will attend your request in a frame of 20 (twenty) work days and we will inform you about the progress via email.

The IAM will only make referrals of data to fulfill the duties previously described.
We commit to not transfer your personal information to third parties not mentioned before without your consent, except for the cases foreseen in the article 37 of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares, as well as to make this transfer per the law.



When you purchase a product online, the platform will request your bank information and will redirect you to PayPal website, that offers security and confidentiality of the provided data.

To verify that you are in a secure website, make sure that you see an “S” in the navigation bar “https//”. Nevertheless, even though each day safer tools arrive, the protection of information send via internet cannot be 100% guaranteed; once the information is sent, everything possible will be made to secure your information.


Changes in the Notice of Privacy

We reserve the right to modify or update at any moment this Notice of Privacy, attending to legislative or jurisprudential novelties, intern policies, new requirements to the use of our services or products and market practices.

Those changes will be available to the public through our website in the section of Notice of Privacy: www.artesanias-muchoacan.com.

Acceptance of the Terms

This declaration of Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of the website www.artesanias-michoacan.com that constitute a legal agreement between the user and the IAM.

If the user employs the services of the website www.artesanias-michoacan.com it means that he has read, understood and accept the terms.


If the user considerer that his/her rights have been compromised per the protection of personal data, the user has the right to attend the corresponding authorities to defend his/her right. The authority is the Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos (Federal Institute of Access to the Information and Protection of Data): www.ifai.mx.


What cookies are

Cookies are small files that some platforms, such as websites, can install in your computer, smartphone or tables. They function, primarily, to store your navigation preferences, collect statistic information and allow certain technical functionalities, etc.


Typology and purpose of the Cookies

Here, we inform you that www.artesanias-michoacan.com can use its own and third party cookies that, attending their purpose, can be divided in:


Identification Cookies

They are created once the user has sign-up and, later, log in. These cookies are used to keep the user log in, so if the user close the browser or shutdowns the device, the next time the user visits the website, he/she will be log in, which facilities the browsing without log in again. This tool can be suppressed by the clicking the “log out” button. In that way, this cookie will be deleted and the next time the user visits the website, he/she must log in to be authenticated.


Analytic Cookies

The analytic cookies are used to:

  • Allow the anonymous authentication of the users (they identify browsers and devices, not people), so the cookies can make an estimate count of the number of visitors and the time they spend in the site.
  • Identify the most visited contents of the users. That identification is anonymous.
  • Know if the users access the website are new or if they have visited before.


Last update date: dear user, please be aware that these Terms of Use were last updated in November 28, 2016.