Museum – Casa de las Artesanías de Michoacán

Tienda oficial de artesanías de Michoacán

The Museum is a space that aims for general public. You can find an important permanent exhibit of the Michoacan craft production. The museum also presents the artisans and the environment in which the crafts were conceived. Through texts, photos and audiovisual material, the museum shows the daily life of artisans to understand and value their work.

The exhibition order represents the regional distribution of Michoacan artisan activities because the natural resources and the necessities of the community go hand by hand, and the relationship with the ethnic and cultural traits integrated in the objects, product of the formidable work and creativity of the Michoacan artisans.

This museum occupies the second floor of the San Francisco ex-convent, whose architecture evokes the mid XVI century, and where the first convent of Valladolid was stablished.

Free tour guides

Monday to Friday: 8:00-19:30

Weekends: 9:00-15:00, 16:00- 19:30

Reservations: +52 (1) 443 312 8914