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In the Institute, we are experts in packaging. We know every method and techniques for your item to arrive in the perfect conditions. We use materials of every type to warrant the integrity of the pieces we ship.

The fragility of our products, like the Catrinas, makes us to prepare an excellent package that warrants that the product will no deteriorate in any way, despite how small or fragile the piece could be.

We use box and envelopes that we cut and provide to adjust to the size of the pieces we pack. Our boxes are strong, with no preview damage and completely new. We never recycle the boxes we use for shipping.

The smaller products will be send in an envelope, with bubble paper.
The general process of package for one of more items is the next:

  1. We send the piece in bubble paper to avoid damage for hits or scraps. The bubble paper has air bags of 8 mm thickness.
  2. We seal the piece with the bubble paper with scotch tape to secure protection.
  3. We select the adequate box that allows the piece to fill the box with margins of approximately 4cm in each side.
  4. We create a mattress of paper, balls of bubble paper and 5 cm cacahuatillo.
  5. We put the enveloped piece in the middle of the package, on the mattress, with a lot of care.
  6. We fill the sides of the box with more cacahuatillo and paper to avoid the movement of the piece. Then we add a second layer of protection against possible hits.
  7. We close the box, sealed with scotch tape.
  8. We put “Fragile” labels. If the item requires, we also put labels indicating that the box must be in a vertical position.

Each piece, per their size and fragility, will demand certain adjustments to this general packaging method.

If you want more information, you can download the “How to pack” guide made by FedEx, our partner that warrants the safe shipping and arrival of every product.