FAQ – Casa de las Artesanías de Michoacán

Tienda oficial de artesanías de Michoacán


Do I have any warranty in the shop?

The shop belongs to the Institute, which guarantees that the items you buy in the shop belong to the artisan in the description and that it was made with traditional craft methods.

The quality of the products in sale is fully warrant. The Official Shop of Michoacan Crafts verifies the quality of the products made by artisans. If you have any doubt or commentary, you can contact us at casadelasartesaniasm@gmail.com. Your petition will be answered soon.



Is there any difference between buying as a Guest or as a Registered User?

If you buy as a Guest, your information will not be saved in our data base. If you sign-up, we will save your data so your next buy will become easier and faster.



How can I edit the information of My Profile?

The information of your profile can be edited and updated at any moment. You have to access “My account”, and once inside follow “My Account > Account Information”, you can update your information and then click on “Accept” to confirm the changes.



What happens if I forget my password?

Access “My Account” and then click “Forgot your password?”. Introduce your email address you used to register and click on “Continue”. You will immediately receive an email with a password.

How do I know if my order was correctly made?

Immediately after you make your payment and if your order was correctly registered, you will receive an email with an order confirmation. If you do not receive it, contact us at casadelasartesaniasm@gmail.com



Can I pick my order in the shop?

The items at sale in the online shop are not available in our physical shop. You can only receive it by FedEx.



Can I erase an item from my order?

Yes. From “Your Account” or from “Shopping cart”, you can erase items you do not want if your buy has not finished yet.

When will I get my order?

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email with the notification and your guide order number from FedEx so you can do a follow-up.



Does the shipping cost?

We have free shipping anywhere in Mexico. If you are not in Mexico, check the prices on your shopping cart and introduce the country we must send your order.



What happens if I receive a defective item?

Craft items are unique and unrepeatable. They are hand-made and might be symmetrical issues that look as imperfections, but that is evidence of the hand-made product made by artisans.

We only sell products in perfect conditions. In the rare case you do receive a defective item, contact us at info@artesanias-michoacan.com.



What do I do if I receive a broken item?

All our shipments are 100% insurance via FedEx. If any of our products arrives to you in bad shape, you must take a photo of the product, and package and box material, and send those photos to casadelasartesaniasm@gmail.com with your order number. Please take as much photos as you like. We will begin the complaint to get the insurance by FedEx and we will get back to you.